Sunday, 20 October 2013

Love You Locks

On the mornings I catch the train into work I walk over the Southbank Bridge. Each time I walk over the bridge a little pang of 'love' flutters over me as I look at the Locks of Love slowly multiplying each week. 

This particular morning (running late to work and all) I stopped to capture these locks and take a moment to really ponder on this gorgeous gesture of locking your love to that moment in time.

The Locks of Love signify couples locking their love away on the bridge, which will bring good luck to their relationship. The clicking of locks was made popular in Europe, so makes me wonder if the locks originated from a gorgeous European couple on holiday in Melbourne!

Corny perhaps, but hey, who's not up for a bit of cheesy romance once and awhile? I might even get hubby to meet me on the bridge tonight. ;-)


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