Monday, 7 October 2013



Good afternoon!

Here are a couple of little snap shots of a few outfits I have put together over the last couple of weeks.

The photograph with the graffiti wall has me wearing men's chinos that I picked up for 2 bucks. I didn't know they were mens until I got home and checked the size! The jacket is also a hand-me-on my friend gave me many years ago. 

In the second photograph I'm wearing a pair of Target short-leg pants with another hand-me-on Zara jumper my friend gave me. The white shirt underneath is a $3.50 charity shop bargain.

The off-the-shoulder dress is a Sportsgirl find that I came across in one of my local charity shops. I wore this to the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week & it was brand new!

The final photograph is a Portman's dress I picked up for $8 with all tags attached. I wore a cardi (from Big W) over it, but won't need that for the upcoming warmer months!  xo                                                            


  1. Here in Guatemala we have a big chain company of second had cloth. We can try things on. I love trying the men cloth as sometimes it has cooler cloth items as your pants.

    1. I agree! I actually didn't even realise they were men's pants until I got home!