Tuesday, 1 October 2013

At work yesterday one of our tutor's brought his little girl in with him being it school holidays. She was the most sweetest little six year old and was very excited about spending the day with her dad at work. I asked her how she liked school and her reply was "it is ok". The conversation went into the direction of her not having many friends and her best friend is now giving her a pretty hard time. I wanted to march down to her school, tell her ex-bestie to smarten up and play whatever games you play with a six year old myself. Before I did that, I wanted to cry.

Her smile and the way she cuddled and looked up at her father created a sadness in me not only for her innocent self, but for her family; her mum, her dad, the people that love her the most. 

I couldn't help but ponder on what my daughter will face as she moves through her young life hurdles; kindergarten, primary school, high school and/perhaps university. These new stages will bring new friends and experiences, I will always be there to support her, but I can't always be there in the moment to protect her. Her choices will be her own (hopefully some with my guidance), but predominately as she matures and grows, it's her own life to live.

We all hope our children grow into happy people that are loved and cherished by their family and friends, it's only natural. It brings me much joy when Miss Two speaks of her fun encounters with her friend's at Childcare, when I drop her off and she hugs & runs outside hand-in-hand with her besties, laughing and giggling. I hope I am witness to that for a very long time.

There is a government website that gives some fantastic advice to all parties involved in bullying:

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