Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Getting started.

This seems strange. Writing onto an on-line journal that has the potential to be read by real people. If my ‘entries’ will be anything like my high school journal entries I most definitely will not want anyone reading it (I may even put a lock on it), let alone reading back on the thing after years to come (cringe). Luckily for me (and you) high school days are long gone and my hopeless crush entries will be replaced with shared interests and thoughts with like minded people such as yourselves, hopefully.

I think the biggest challenge when starting a blog is what to actually write about. what will be interesting. what do I want to write about. what is important to me. will anyone want to read about me.

My life is busy, well, I think it’s pretty busy, but I like it that way. The reason I have stopped and thought to have a go at this blog writing business is I have recently got sick – not life threatening by any means, but a week off work sick. The kind where going out seems not quite right, but sitting at home watching rubbish on television makes you feel even more deflated.

I’d like to give a profile of myself in a nutshell, but thankfully I can’t really wrap it up in a couple of words or verbs. The most important two factors of my being, is I’m a mother and a wife, two things I take pretty seriously, the rest as serious as I am feeling at the time.
I run. Ever since I had my child, I developed an ambition for running. I try and run as much as I can, when I can. Not extreme distances, but enough to make it hurt. I have recently become an vegaquarium, which is working out to be easier than I thought. I have toyed with the idea for many years and after talking to someone about their transition from meat to, well, not having meat I got inspired.

I love a bargain which unfortunately can often contradict my concerns for unethical and non-sustainable brands. I try my best. I grow veggies, buy as many products as I can that aren’t tested on animals, I am learning to make my own clothes through upcycling (sourcing ethical fabric is another issue!) and my most favourite thing of all charity shopping! My goodness, I have quiet an obsession (actually it’s pretty loud to my husband) with opportunity shopping – the bargains, the finds …. !! I hope to share these with you, because to me, money doesn’t give you style, it’s how you wear it, and it’s not in the price tag. I went to a wonderful seminar a couple of months ago at Laneway Learnings and the forum was Fashion is Art – and that’s what it is.
I have a cat, a fish and I live in the West of Melbourne. 

I hope to write about the moments in my life from an entertaining, interesting point of view. 
Let’s see. 

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