Saturday, 17 August 2013

Creating a talent


I sew. Let me rephrase, I try to sew. I joined my 'sewing club' in the middle of last year, which is at a community centre close to home. My teacher is amazing, a true talent, she used to make her own bras kind of talent. Me on the other hand, well, I'm getting there, slowly.
I've made two dresses, the first the hubby thought I was going off to clean chimneys and the other one looks like a sack until I tie a belt around my waste, it then looks half decent (although I could be bias because I made it). I'm currently attempting a poncho which in today's class I spent most of my time unpicking a straight line - apparently the type of fabric I'm using stretches easily :-/ so my teacher said anyway. Hubby asked when I got home today "what did you learn in sewing?", I felt myself slip back into my teenage days, "just sewing stuff".
When I signed up, I was excited. I could see a future in this. I love all things fashion and thought it was a perfect way to create my own masterpieces, design, pattern, fabric and all ... who needed Uni, a Tafe course or even a short course, two hours on a Saturday would change everything, well, so I thought it would, honestly.
So now, over a year later, two average dresses and half a poncho later I've taken a step back, perhaps ten steps back. I'm not even near reading a pattern (I might as well read the periodic table), find my sewing machine options complicated and pattern making is a whole new level. I could blame my mum, she is a great sewer, why didn't she teach me when I was young? It could be a natural ability by now, I could be making bras for goodness sake, but I won't blame her, to be fair I probably wouldn't have wanted to learn back then anyhow. The point is I want to learn now, I want to be amazing now, but unfortunately my 'talent' of sewing is fair, I doubt it will ever be amazing (the pessimist is coming out in me now), but that's ok. I love a cuppa with the girls on a Saturday arvo, I have a goal of developing second hand clothing into one-offs and time will tell, I'll be patient and perhaps my 'unnatural' ability of sewing will one day transform into something wonderful.

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  1. Love your blog, Im gonna take sewing classes as Im not that good too right now :) Following you on bloglovin :)