Sunday, 18 August 2013

Bad decision.

Today started out like any other ordinary Sunday, Miss Two had a little cough and she was up early, but nothing to worry about. Breakfast at a cafe, a mid-morning kid's movie at Highpoint with another little family, coffee, popcorn, a little bit of running around and was then looking forward to an afternoon at home, relaxing. Relaxing turned out to be, well, not so much.

Mid-week my little one tore her curtain in her room, no big deal, but I thought it would be a good idea to replace it today and buy a new set from Spotlight, I was in the area after all. Miss Two had enough by the time we had finished up at the shopping centre, but I insisted (to the hubby and her) we continue on the little drive across the road and buy the curtains, it wouldn't take long. It was a challenge to say the least, I couldn't find the damn curtains (have you been in this giant store?), I had a child balling, a grumpy husband whinging, but I still insisted, 5 more minutes ... we are here now. Bad decision.

I bought the curtains (still not sure if they are the right ones), and we scrambled back into the car. Miss Two stopped crying, ah, what a relief, silence, hang on, too quiet, too quiet too soon. Her head went back, her eyes rolled and she was not ok. At this stage I was now in the back with her, huddled over her and keeping her coherent - I had little response. I was petrified and told hubby to drive to the hospital. He was pissed, annoyed that we had wasted time shopping for curtains when I had all of a sudden made the decision to go to the hospital. I understood and told him it wasn't helping and now is now. He shut up and drove. Good decision.

We got to Emergency and there was a big queue. We waited and fretted and couple of kind people let us in front of them, but it was still a 40 minute upsetting wait. Miss Two was seen by the Triage Nurse, her temp was high and she was given some Nurofen and again we waited. We saw the doctor, her vitals were checked (she even did a little pee in a bed pan to get her urine tested), and they decided her ears were infected. Antibiotics and a lemonade icy-pole later we were back in the car heading home - phew, it's all ok.

We had an experience today, a scary experience. Children can go downhill quickly, suffer badly and they can't always tell you what is wrong. We went to the hospital, my instincts told me so. Good decision.

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