Tuesday, 14 January 2014

New do.

So, I'm on a roll ... Two post in one day!

A couple of months ago, I felt like a change. A proper change. A haircut, hairstyle change. I've wanted to do it for sometime and now it's done. I love it, although many wouldn't.

The other side of 30 years of age has brought out my rebel self, I'm doing all of the things I've wanted to do and need to do before I feel too "old".

Anyway, hair grows back. No biggy. x


It's been too long between posts! Life has been so busy and unfortunately the blog is what has fallen behind.

I have recently got a new job, reduced my working hours & have a couple of spare hours here and there to do what I enjoy. Here is a short post of a cool little outfit I threw together (when it was a little chillier). I love the colours! All thrify items, of course.

The skirt was coming apart at the seams, so I had to get handy with the sewing machine (as per the last photograph) ...






Friday, 8 November 2013

Terrifically Thrifty!

Unfortunately life has got in the way and there has been less and less time for blogging.

This is a short & sweet post of an outfit I pulled together quite quickly that I think works really well together - terrifically thrifty really ...

My leather skirt is an Ebay purchase, my top is a mohair knit from one of my fav charity shops in my area and the scarf was a freebie!  

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Love You Locks

On the mornings I catch the train into work I walk over the Southbank Bridge. Each time I walk over the bridge a little pang of 'love' flutters over me as I look at the Locks of Love slowly multiplying each week. 

This particular morning (running late to work and all) I stopped to capture these locks and take a moment to really ponder on this gorgeous gesture of locking your love to that moment in time.

The Locks of Love signify couples locking their love away on the bridge, which will bring good luck to their relationship. The clicking of locks was made popular in Europe, so makes me wonder if the locks originated from a gorgeous European couple on holiday in Melbourne!

Corny perhaps, but hey, who's not up for a bit of cheesy romance once and awhile? I might even get hubby to meet me on the bridge tonight. ;-)


Monday, 7 October 2013



Good afternoon!

Here are a couple of little snap shots of a few outfits I have put together over the last couple of weeks.

The photograph with the graffiti wall has me wearing men's chinos that I picked up for 2 bucks. I didn't know they were mens until I got home and checked the size! The jacket is also a hand-me-on my friend gave me many years ago. 

In the second photograph I'm wearing a pair of Target short-leg pants with another hand-me-on Zara jumper my friend gave me. The white shirt underneath is a $3.50 charity shop bargain.

The off-the-shoulder dress is a Sportsgirl find that I came across in one of my local charity shops. I wore this to the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week & it was brand new!

The final photograph is a Portman's dress I picked up for $8 with all tags attached. I wore a cardi (from Big W) over it, but won't need that for the upcoming warmer months!  xo                                                            

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

At work yesterday one of our tutor's brought his little girl in with him being it school holidays. She was the most sweetest little six year old and was very excited about spending the day with her dad at work. I asked her how she liked school and her reply was "it is ok". The conversation went into the direction of her not having many friends and her best friend is now giving her a pretty hard time. I wanted to march down to her school, tell her ex-bestie to smarten up and play whatever games you play with a six year old myself. Before I did that, I wanted to cry.

Her smile and the way she cuddled and looked up at her father created a sadness in me not only for her innocent self, but for her family; her mum, her dad, the people that love her the most. 

I couldn't help but ponder on what my daughter will face as she moves through her young life hurdles; kindergarten, primary school, high school and/perhaps university. These new stages will bring new friends and experiences, I will always be there to support her, but I can't always be there in the moment to protect her. Her choices will be her own (hopefully some with my guidance), but predominately as she matures and grows, it's her own life to live.

We all hope our children grow into happy people that are loved and cherished by their family and friends, it's only natural. It brings me much joy when Miss Two speaks of her fun encounters with her friend's at Childcare, when I drop her off and she hugs & runs outside hand-in-hand with her besties, laughing and giggling. I hope I am witness to that for a very long time.

There is a government website that gives some fantastic advice to all parties involved in bullying:

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

In the Pursuit of Happiness

Getting it right all of the time is hard, actually it's nearly impossible for someone like me who actually doesn't even know if they are getting it right in the first place...

I strive for happiness, balance, calm, fulfilment and excitment in my life, after all who doesn't? Reaching all of the above doesn't come easily and it often leaves me questioning "am I making the right choices?" 

I work four days a week in a very busy and often stressful environment with one precious day of Miss Two and me time that we cram lots into. We swim, socialise, shop, cook, clean (well I do the last two) and invest as much quality time into one Mother & Daughter Day as possible! Of course we have the weekends as a family and that is wonderful too, but once the Sunday evening draws to an end, I get the pang of us all going our separate ways for the week ahead. 

I'm a 'grass is always greener' kinda girl. I go to work - I wish I stayed at home more, when I was at home whilst Miss Two was a baby - I couldn't wait to start work again, when I was travelling - I longed for routine and being still for awhile, I have now have that stability & I envy people that can go off travelling when ever they like, etc, etc ... It goes on & on! Stopping to smell the roses, living life as it is now, or however it should go is something I work on, on a regular basis. 

I guess the point of this post is 'am I doing the right thing, right now?' I'm working hard to help support my family, doing my bit, saving for the future, yada, yada ... or should we be sacrificing our somewhat financial freedom for more days at home with my little lady.

#each day brings a different conclusion