Sunday, 1 September 2013

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week!

With the combination of wanting to take my teenage niece to something fun, entertaining, interesting & 'non-boring' and with our love of fashion, we went along to Melbourne Spring Fashion Week on Saturday night. I've never been to a fashion festival so I wasn't sure what to expect. I had a little Google before the day on what designers are hitting the runway, but didn't have any real expectations. I must say I had we had a fabulous night and even got bumped to the front, which included a free goodie bag! 

Each designer opened with a different musician to start there collection, it came across (to me anyway) as an art, which untimely fashion is ... parts were definitely not 'street style' and a little out-there, but that's what made it eye-catching & entertaining. I loved the glam of it all, from the fashion photographers to the quirky VIPs (one woman was head-to-toe is florescent colours!). It was over within in an hour, but was perfect for the attention span and left you wanting more.

After the show we took some piccies and headed to the Veggie Bar on Brunswick Street - one of my favourite places to eat in Melbourne. 

My niece has an eclectic style and loves a good op-shop find, her jacket is from Savers! My top is from my favourite store Dear Gladys, it is over sized with silk lining so it doesn't scratch. Our heels are huge, so I was very careful, especially where I was stepping!

Not only did I have a fabulous night, but I was tucked up in bed by midnight! Score! ;-)

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